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Alpha Pokemon are a new type of Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While it's currently unknown whether Alpha Pokemon will make an appearance in the mainline games, these Pokemon are a great asset to any trainer's party in their Hisui journey.

More Alpha Pokemon will start spawning once the Noble Pokemon of their respective region are calmed. Aside from their large size, Alpha Pokemon will have three out of five of their Stats at level 3 upon capture and are usually a much higher level than other Pokemon in the area.

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Like most Pokemon games, most of the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus can't be caught until the postgame. However, players can find Pseudo-legendaries Hisuian Goodra and Garchomp roaming Hisui if they want to add a powerful Pokemon to their team. Whether players obtain Goodra or Garchomp, both of these Dragon-type Pokemon will be useful in the latter half of Legends: Arceus.

Catch and Evolve Alpha Sliggoo


Trainers can get Sliggoo as soon as they get the Ride Basculegion. An Alpha Sliggoo will be on a little island to the right of the Holm of Trials in the Crimson Mirelands. Players can also catch Goomy here as well.

Unfortunately, Sliggoo's spawn location requires trainers to cross a river. It may be possible to use Wyrdeer and get a running-leap into the Holm of Trials, but it's safer to get the Ride Basculegion instead.

Since Sliggoo is resting on a hill, it can easily spot trainers trying to sneak up on it, making it difficult to use the Back Strike technique. Disturbing Sliggoo will also make the Goomy aggressive and they'll start attacking.

The best way to catch Alpha Sliggoo is to try and stun it with Mud Balls. Stunning Alpha Pokemon with projectiles can take a while for the yellow Poke Ball icon to appear over their head, so bring about 10 or 20 Mud Balls/Sticky Globs.

The other option is to battle Sliggoo. As Dragon/Steel-type, its only weaknesses are Fighting and Ground-type moves. Remember that Steel-type Pokemon are immune to Poison-type attacks. Alpha Sliggoo in the Crimson Mirelands will be at level 50. Make sure the Survey Corps Level is at least Rank 4 or else Alpha Sliggoo won't stay in the Poke Ball.

Since Hisuian Sliggoo evolves into Goodra at level 50, it will be ready to evolve the minute it's caught. However, it needs to be raining in order for the "Evolve" option to appear in the menu for Sliggoo.

Finding Alpha Goodra


If players don't mind waiting, they can catch an Alpha Goodra (level 70) at the Ancient Quarry in Coronet Highlands. To get to the Ancient Quarry, players will need to be able to call Sneasler with the Celestica Flute.

Trainers should also be at Rank 6 before trying to catch Alpha Goodra. Rank 6 makes Pokemon at "level 80 and below" obey commands. Players can check if Goodra can't be caught by targeting it with the ZL button. If Goodra's too strong, its level will be red.

Alternatively, players can wait and catch the level 58 Alpha Goodra in Mesprit's Trial. This Goodra won't be available until the near-end of Legends: Arceus' main story.

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Catch and Evolve Alpha Gabite


Alpha Gabite and Gible can be found to the left of Clamberclaw Cliffs in the Coronet Highlands. Unlike the Alpha Goodra in the Ancient Quarry, Alpha Gabite will be level 56. The Survey Corps Rank needs to be at Rank 5 or higher.

It's a little difficult to sneak up on Gabite because it moves a lot quicker than Sliggoo and Goodra. The best way to catch it unaware is by using a Stealth Spray before approaching it. Bring Smoke Bombs to have more places to hide and make it easier to sneak up on Gabite.

Heavy Balls or Ultra Balls work better than Great Balls or Poke Balls. In the case Alpha Gabite is alerted, call Wyrdeer with the Celestica Flute and get out of its line of sight. Try again once the "alert/eye icon" at the top of the screen disappears.

In the case players prefer to battle Alpha Gabite, bring a Pokemon that isn't weak to Dragon or Ground-type moves. Although Fairy-type and Ice-type Pokemon are strong against Gabite, there's a chance the Alpha Gabite may know a move (like Iron Head) that gives it coverage against its two weaknesses. Have a fast Pokemon when battling Gabite.

Gabite evolves into Garchomp at level 48, so by the time Alpha Gabite is caught, it will be ready to evolve.

Finding Alpha Garchomp


Alpha Garchomp can be found at the far south of Avalanche Slopes in the Alabaster Icelands at level 85. This means trainers will need to be Rank 7 or higher if they want to add it to the team. Since Garchomp is a fast, powerful Pokemon, players are recommended to bring their best Pokemon if they plan on catching this Pseudo-legendary by battling.

For those looking to avoid battle, use the same strategy that was used with the Alpha Gabite. Stealth Spray will make it easier to sneak up on Garchomp. Since Alabaster Icelands doesn't have much grass to hide in, Smoke Bombs are an absolute must when trying to catch Garchomp unaware.

Alpha Garchomp can be reached by climbing the mountains with Sneasler. However, it may be faster to get Braviary from Sabi and just fly to Avalanche Slopes instead.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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