The recent announcement of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has led to many fans of the Pokemon franchise creating and sharing tributes to the new starter trio. Quaxly, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco have already earned a lot of affection with their adorable designs and seemingly charming personalities. Now, one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan is making handmade stickers of Sprigatito, the games' Grass-type starter.

Sprigatito is a small four-legged Pokemon that resembles a house cat with a fluffy coat of brilliant green fur. The creature's ears, neck ruff, and a leaf-shaped patch of fur on its face are a dark green, which helps to add some variety to its design. Official art depicts Sprigatito with wide eyes and an open mouth that seems about to meow loudly.

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Redditor tammiesarts took on the task of creating a tribute to Sprigatito in the form of intricate handmade stickers. Stickers are a time-honored element of the Pokemon franchise, but this is one of the most detailed real-life attempts to create Pokemon stickers. Tammiesarts' creation appears to show Sprigatito in what may be its natural habitat: a large cactus bowl planter. Cacti like lots of sand or rocks that resemble a miniature desert landscape, and the shape of Sprigatito's fur appears to have reminded the artist of cactus spines, which may explain the decision to put Sprigatito in with cacti.

On the sticker design, Sprigatito is shown sitting in a teacup-shaped planter, surrounded by three cacti. One of the cacti, located near the creature's fluffy tail, has a pink flower sprouting from the tip. Sprigatito is also shown with a tiny pink blossom by one ear. The sticker features a more faded or pastel color scheme than Sprigatito's art does. However, this matches perfectly with the overall light color scheme of the cacti and planter.

As of writing, it appears that many other Pokemon fans think this Sprigatito sticker is absolutely adorable. Several users congratulated tammiesarts on their creation and artistic skill. One user even declared that they preferred this lighter color scheme to the more saturated official colors. Several users began discussing what kind of plant Sprigatito is, with one agreeing that it's probably a cactus and a second suggesting that it's a tea cat. A number of users expressed a desire to own the sticker and requested to know where they could buy it. Apparently, the sticker will be available on tammiesarts' Etsy shop in the near future.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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