After many years without a new game, WipEout fans finally have something to be excited about. An archival group has released an important part of the development of the original WipEout for fans to analyze in detail.

The WipEout series of antigravity racing games stood out from other racers at the time by implementing antigravity, making controls very loose and requiring a lot of skill to take corners well. The first game was a launch title for the PlayStation in Europe and became iconic through its futuristic visuals and electronic soundtrack.

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A copy of WipEout's original source code released by video game archival team Forest of Illusion includes the original, uncompiled code for both the PlayStation and Windows versions of the game. At the moment it is unconfirmed whether the sources can be built into working executables and played, though some developers are already expressing interest in fixing the files so that they can be built and run. A source code release is a relatively uncommon occurrence for preservation, and considering the incredible mods created for Super Mario 64 after it was successfully reverse-engineered, the source code of WipEout could be an interesting playground for mod developers.

While it is important for preservation, the release of WipEout's source code is also unsanctioned by Sony or Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool. This could cause legal problems, as game companies can be incredibly restrictive about archival, with Nintendo's recent takedown of an old Super Mario 64 strategy guide being an especially egregious example. Hopefully Sony is more lenient, especially since the WipEout series has been mostly dormant for so many years.

The WipEout series is unfortunately stagnant as of late, with the mobile spin-off WipEout Rush gathering a largely negative reception for its major deviations from the franchise's established gameplay. The PS5 could be a perfect opportunity for a new graphical showcase, but so far all that exists of a new WipEout are rumors. Fortunately in the series' absence, fan-made spiritual successors like BallisticNG and Pacer have taken off, showing that antigravity racing games still have fans and can still be successful.

With the upcoming PSVR2 a new WipEout would be perfect to show off the capabilities, immersing the player in a world of futuristic sights and sounds. However, since the series has not seen a new non-remake game since 2012 apart from a mobile spin-off, such a development seems unlikely despite a leaker claiming a PS5 WipEout is in development.

WipEout Omega Collection is available now on PS4.

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