The online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us continues to be successful even after its viral popularity from 2021 has largely faded away. However, even the remaining community for Among Us has been stuck unable to play since Thursday, March 24. The game's servers have been down across all platforms in both North American and Europe through the weekend. Developer Innersloth says that Among Us is being targeted by a DDoS attack.

On March 24, Innersloth first posted about the ongoing DDoS attack. The tweet reads that, "we have a sabotage going on lol," followed by confirmation that Among Us will be offline while the development team is working on the problem. Innersloth did also confirm that it expected the fix to take a bit and that Among Us players should be patient.

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The next update from Innersloth came on Saturday, March 26. All Innersloth was able to say about the situation is that the servers were still down due to "DDoS sabotage." To its credit, Innersloth tried to keep the mood lighthearted, attaching a photo of an Among Us crewmate standing in front of a number of servers on fire. A second post on Twitter noted that Innersloth wasn't happy to be working on a Saturday, as it was supposed to "go and get a croissant." Injecting a bit of humor into the situation has helped keep players supportive in the comments for the time being.

Unfortunately, the DDoS attack appears to have continued through the weekend and into March 27. The latest update from Innersloth confirms that "some servers are stabilizing," which could mean some Among Us players are able to get in-game, but things aren't stable enough for Innersloth to say everything's worked out. The person they were responding to on Twitter later confirmed they were able to play with their friends just fine.

The exact status of Among Us as of this moment isn't entirely clear. Players are reporting that they've been able to play, but Innersloth has held off on announcing that the servers are up and stable. It says it will only do so when "it looks good." That could be now, with Innersloth being extra cautious, or it could be some time yet.

It's unclear why Among Us would become a target for such a major DDoS attack at this point in time. Among Us peaked in popularity in September 2020 and has shrunk to a fairly modest community since. That said, those who execute DDoS attacks aren't typically logical or ethical in their justifications. Innersloth will hopefully have everything solved soon and Among Us will be back running smoothly for all players.

Among Us is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

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