Kaitlyn Siragusa, more commonly known by her Twitch streamer persona Amouranth, dominated the streaming service last year. She was the top female Twitch streamer in 2021, coming in at a total of 38.34 million hours viewed. She’s most known for ASMR streams but has also spearheaded, in a way, new Twitch categories like Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos.

While Amouranth certainly keeps much to herself, she is also very open with her fans about business ventures and the like. Fans know everything from how Amouranth bought a Circle K gas station to how she lost 2 million dollars due to a typo. Unfortunately, with her fame and openness, many often inquire into her personal life—something many Twitch streamers deal with too. With this in mind, Amouranth recently trolled fans who concerned themselves with her relationship status.

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In the early hours of March 18, Amouranth announced that she would be introducing her new boyfriend, who she met in Los Angeles, on an upcoming Twitch stream. The joke turned out to be that it wasn’t her boyfriend or even a real person—she was showing off her new mannequin. She then took the joke and ran with it, saying, “stop staring at my boyfriend…He’s my man.”

It seems that her mannequin is going nowhere anytime soon, though, as she appears to be having fun with the “Hello my name is” sign. Amouranth appears to be using it to write viewers' names on it every so often, calling this person their boyfriend. In doing this, Amouranth says, “they’ll be the new boyfriend. They’ll be constantly replaced. I’ll write your name on it.”

Watch the clip of Amouranth revealing her new 'boyfriend' HERE.

If nothing else, it’s a new way for Amouranth to engage with her fans while live on stream. Amouranth has a tendency to do odd, usual, or new things on stream, and it sometimes sticks. In fact, she has even created new “metas” for Twitch, such as when people temporarily followed Amouranth’s yoga pants Twister streams. It’s uncertain if the “mannequin boyfriend” streams become a new meta, but it’s another one of those things pioneered by Amouranth.

Whenever Amouranth moves on from this, it’ll be anyone’s guess as to what she’ll come up with next. Even beyond the aforementioned business ventures, Amouranth has even dropped a music video. It seems it may be best to always expect the unexpected with Amouranth, but for now, it seems fans will be having a little fun with a mannequin in her streams.

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