In the years since Genshin Impact first launched, Ganyu has become possibly the single most hyped-up five-star character in the game. She acts as an incredibly versatile bow-wielder who can serve a number of different roles in the party depending on her build, which can lead some players to feel paralyzed about which direction to take her in--especially free-to-play players. One Genshin Impact fan shares a helpful flowchart designed to assist players in getting the free bow they want.

Ganyu is one of Genshin Impact's most powerful bow users and her element is Cryo. She can deal some of the highest DPS in the game, provide continuous AOE damage, act as Sub-DPS, and even do a good job as Cryo Support. It's no exaggeration to say that Ganyu is the kind of character entire teams are structured around, so making sure she has the right weapon can be key to a player's success.

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Although it's generally agreed that the best weapon for Ganyu is Amos' Bow, free-to-play gamers often have to make do with craftable weapons instead of gacha draws. Redditor 0kensin0 has created a short flowchart that neatly explains which free bow gamers should craft for Ganyu if they can't get ahold of Amos' Bow. The two contenders are the weapons known as the Prototype Crescent and the Hamayumi.

According to the flowchart, the first question players should ask themselves is whether they prefer Freeze or Melt. If the answer is Melt, make the Prototype Crescent. This is also the answer if players want to use the bow on other units. However, if players cannot manage consistent headshots, they should make the Hamayumi instead. The final question concerns which artifacts players have equipped Ganyu with--Shimenawa's Reminiscence means they should make the Prototype Crescent, while Wanderer's Troupe means they should make the Hamayumi.

While it is possible for players to make both bows and have an exceptionally flexible Ganyu, in practice, many players find their plans hindered by low drop rates. Crafting both the Prototype Crescent and the Hamayumi requires the Northlander Bow Billet item, which can be hard to come by. Players can acquire it from weekly bosses, purchase it from Mingxing Jewelry, or find it in a few one-time bundles or rewards. This means that gamers interested in making both the Prototype Crescent and the Hamayumi will probably have to do a lot of boss battles in order to get the materials.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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