A few days ago, popular Twitch streamer Amouranth was banned from the streaming site with no explanation given. Amouranth made a video addressing her Twitch ban (which included Instagram and TikTok bans as well), and revealed that she wasn't entirely clear on why she was banned this latest time. While fans still don't have answers as to why Twitch banned Amouranth, her channel has now been restored.

There was some worry that the fifth Amouranth Twitch ban would be permanent, but that's clearly not the case. According to the StreamerBans Twitter account, Amouranth's Twitch ban lasted three days, 35 minutes, and 36 seconds. Amouranth teased that there could be a new "meta" if she ever returned to Twitch, but it's unclear what she has in store. Amouranth is currently streaming at the time of this writing, and she is doing yoga and stretching exercises.

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In her video talking about her latest Twitch ban, Amouranth remarked on the massive Twitch leak that revealed how much streamers were getting paid. Amouranth's payouts were part of the leak, revealing what many already guessed, that she is making an incredible amount of money on the streaming platform. Amouranth joked in the video about how she is on the verge of going homeless and that she would need to come up with ideas to boost her subscriber count if she was ever let back on Twitch.

Since Twitch almost never provides concrete answers about why it bans certain streamers, fans will just have to keep guessing about what caused this latest ban. This is certainly not the first time that Amouranth has been banned from Twitch, and it's always possible that the popular streamer's channel could be taken down again. However, as long as she operates within Twitch's guidelines, she should be fine.

Amouranth's previous Twitch bans have happened for a variety of reasons, like when she was performing her controversial and suggestive ASMR streams. Amouranth was also at the forefront of the Twitch hot tub stream meta that once dominated the streaming platform, and unsurprisingly, that too drummed up controversy. In another incident, Amouranth had a wardrobe mishap that saw her channel temporarily banned as well.

In the past, Amouranth Twitch bans have resulted in a surge of viewership upon her return. At the time of this writing, there's nearly 7,000 people watching Amouranth's current Twitch stream with many more joining in every second.

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