Dr. Disrespect is a prominent streaming personality with an enormous following, one that largely followed him from Twitch to YouTube. He is committed to his streaming personality persona in a big way, with few things making Dr. Disrespect break character.

It's not hard to see why Dr. Disrespect is so committed to his persona and his following: they have made him a ton of money. Far from being idle in his position, he has made his thoughts known on many mainstream titles, and now he is putting that wealth to use by apparently attempting to be the change he wants to see in the game industry.

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Dr. Disrespect announced via Tweet today that he's launching his very own game development studio alongside several others. Not just any studio either, Dr. Disrespect claims it will be a AAA studio, competing with games on the same level as other AAA developers. Considering he has enough capital for a $1 million challenge with Ludwig, there being enough money between the founders to fund AAA games is not far-fetched. The studio is called Midnight Society, possibly in tribute to the storytelling group from the show Are You Afraid of the Dark.

There is no news yet of exactly what role Dr. Disrespect will fill in the company; as of this article he is simply listed as a co-founder, and under his persona name rather than his real name Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV. It is also unknown what genre of game will be Midnight Society's first project, but with Dr. Disrespect's involvement it is likely to be a first-person shooter. With Dr. Disrespect's complaints about Call of Duty: Warzone, it would be nice for him to directly help with the creation of an FPS he actually enjoys.

There are more signs beyond Dr. Disrespect's involvement that the first project will be an FPS, as two of the positions are filled by Robert Bowling (studio head) and Quinn DelHoyo (creative director), both of whom held important positions in studios known for their FPS games. Clearly Dr. Disrespect's pull is effective on more than streamers following him from Twitch to YouTube (according to him).

There is some cause for concern, as the CEO of the company, Sumit Gupta, previously founded and headed BASH Gaming, which focused on casino games for mobile platforms. These games have elements few want to see in a AAA title. Hopefully, though, the team's expertise and player feedback will ensure that Dr. Disrespect no longer being involved with the Esports Awards is soon a thing of the past; his company may well make the next esports splash.

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