With the announcement of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans of the Pokemon franchise understand that the total number of Pokemon is going up. As the number of Pokemon creeps towards 1000, players continue to have plenty of options when it comes to picking favorites. Despite this, fans continue to add their own designs and fusions to the Pokemon universe and in the latest display of this player creativity, one Pokemon fan blended Totodile and Machamp.

Totodile was introduced in Pokemon’s second generation and was the Water-Type starter for the Johto region. Machamp, meanwhile, was introduced in Pokemon’s first generation and is the final evolution for Machop. Pokemon fusions are fan-made combinations of multiple Pokemon, resulting in a new design that shares traits from the originals.

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U/SnowstormShotgun is the original designer for this odd new Pokemon fusion. With their editing skills they share what one possible combination of some of their favorite characters, Totodile and Machamp, would look like. This new Pokemon, labeled Toechamp by the creator, takes most of its characteristics from the Fighting-Type Pokemon. The muscle-heavy arms, legs, and body from Machamp dominate the new fusion while, in place of the original head, Totodile’s crocodile-like jaws poke out. Other than that, Totodile contributes its slight teal coloring to u/SnowstormShotgun’s new Pokemon. Overall, this fusion does a good job showing what these two Pokemon might look like had the original games had seen fit to combine them.

Had this new design been made canon, the resulting new Pokemon likely would become a dual-type Pokemon, combining Totodile’s Water and Machamp’s Fighting. It would join Urshifu, Keldeo, and Poliwrath in that group.

Dual-type Pokemon can be a great option to add to any player’s team because they open up more options to deal damage. Often these Pokemon have the option to learn more moves and take advantage of the best each type has to offer, freeing up a spot on a six Pokemon team.

Then again, dual-type Pokemon also combine the weaknesses of their individual types and this can result in some fairly vulnerable Pokemon. For example, the Grass-and Bug-type Pokemon Parasect is weak to Flying and Fire attacks by a multiplier of 4. This makes it an almost impossible option for certain gyms and in the Elite Four. Either way, this player created an interesting new fusion by combining some early Pokemon designs.

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