Due to its ease of access along with its opportunity for near-limitless creativity, Minecraft is regarded by many as one of the best sandbox games and one of the best survival games ever made. Still going strong after over a decade on the market, Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular games on Twitch and YouTube.

In the game's lifetime, tons of incredible creations have been brought to life by players, such as one player creating a Cyberpunk skyscraper build in Minecraft. These creations are churned out daily by players, each offering a unique new structure, machine, or other incredible work to the game.

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Of course, some creations stand far above others due to their sheer size, effort, or complicated nature. In a game where players have created working calculators or moving tanks, it is hard for more casual players to keep up with the competition. However, that does not mean that Subnautica kelp in Minecraft and other simpler creations should go overlooked, as they too add value to the game. Recently, one player created a simple yet beautiful indoor aquarium to tie a room in their house together.

The player was Reddit user Programmeter, who captured their quaint aquarium on video. The clip shows off the aquarium's denizens, which consist of a handful of fish and a sea turtle. Different sea plants litter the bottom of the aquarium, adding a ton of color to the space as well as giving it the feel of a real aquarium one could find in a home; though, perhaps it would be a tad smaller in reality, as Programmeter's aquarium is massive by realistic standards. Creating large structures is a trend in the game, as shown by some of Minecraft's mega-bases.

Reddit users congratulated Programmeter on their creation as well as asked for advice on their own builds. One user asked how Programmeter got the lighting in the tank right, to which Programmeter replied that the key to lighting is sea pickles. Another user joked that the turtle was following Programmeter to ask them for some air due to sea turtles requiring oxygen. Yet another user asked about the lighting around the tank and the room itself, which Programmeter confirmed was achieved using specific shaders.

This information shows that, while the aquarium was a simple creation, a lot still went into its aesthetic, such as shaders and lighting. As stated previously, while a massive Minecraft medieval city is impressive, every castle or house could use a beautiful fish tank like Programmeter's.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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