Fortnite has had a variety of different vehicles players can drive or pilot over the past few years. Since first introducing drivable cars during Chapter 2 Season 3, the battle royale has gone on to offer a number of different rides for players to make use of. Now, with Chapter 3 Season 2, a familiar vehicle becomes available: the Armored Battle Bus.

Epic Games' popular free-to-play title began its second season of its Chapter 3 earlier this week. The conflict between the sinister IO organization and The Foundation's Resistance has grown into an all-out land war, with IO completely removing the building mechanic from Fortnite. The removal of building has caused a serious divide between Fortnite fans, and according to a new leak, the No Building mode could become permanent.

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With Fortnite's story this season, the island has become an all-out battlefield. With this battlefield comes new, armored vehicles like the Armored Battle Bus. Following players' successful funding of the beefed-up version of the iconic vehicle with enough Gold Bars, players can now get their hands on one in a couple of different locations.

Where to Find Armored Battle Bus in Fortnite

The first location of Fortnite's Armored Battle Bus is in Synapse Station, a new POI located in the southern desert region of the island. The second Armored Battle Bus can be found in the central area of The Sanctuary.


As players will notice, all of Fortnite's Armored Battle Bus locations can only be found in Resistance-controlled locations. This is demarcated by the blue and red lines seen on Season 2's map, with blue indicating Resistance control, and the red-outlined areas held by IO forces. Players will notice that in addition to the Armored Battle Bus, blue areas contain Resistance-specific weaponry, like the Striker Burst Rifle and Combat SMG.

With the Resistance's Armored Battle Bus now fully funded, there is now a vehicle able to stand up to the IO's new Titan Tanks. Able to barrel through just about any obstacle, the IO Titan Tanks are also extremely powerful, equipped with a cannon and a machine gun turret operable by a second player.

Though not as strong as the tanks, Fortnite's Armored Battle Bus appears to have superior speed and maneuverability, which should make for some truly epic battles this season.

The addition of Fortnite's Armored Battle Bus should be a hit with players, with the famous vehicle finally becoming a useable vehicle in-game. While there are currently just two locations, both POIs are where one of this season's Mythic weapons, the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle can be found, giving teams a potentially game-winning edge before boarding the new bus.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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