The Internet has been taken by the free puzzle browser game, Wordle, in the last few months. Players are given a five-letter word to solve on the daily, with only six tries to guess what the word is. Any remaining and used letters are utilized to help players figure out what the word could be. Once a player succeeds or fails in solving the puzzle, they won't be able to play the game until the next word is given the following day. The game has seen plenty of widespread and viral success, due to Wordle's simple concept and fun gameplay.

Due to the game's simplicity, it's no surprise that Wordle has also seen a variety of clones and variants that have cropped all over the Internet. These are usually created by independent programmers. These can range from revolving around different topics to adding a different spin to the normal gameplay. This includes a multiplayer version of Wordle, to even a version of the game retro-fitted onto the Game Boy Color. One of the newest clones of Wordle allows players to solve for words that contain up to 25 letters.

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Posted onto the r/wordle subreddit by user u/IAmJustARandomNerd, this Wordle clone features three attempts to guess a word that is 25 letters in length. As explained in the post's comments, this clone was created by the user in response to most Wordle clone sites maxing out at 11 letters in length, so they decided to adjust theirs to accommodate for a 25 letter game, known as Longle.

As pointed out by the creator, there are only eight words that contain exactly 25 letters, so there is a good chance for players to always succeed. More specifically with how long the words are, the guesses get narrower and narrower, with players having a chance to guess a word that is still possible. One of the comments did the math and noted that players will always have a 75% chance of getting the answer right in this Wordle clone.

The comments in the post note that this Wordle game isn't limited to only playing for 25-letter words, as the bar at the top can be moved around in order to adjust the length of the word. The creator notes that this iteration is still buggy, especially if players are using the site on mobile devices, most likely due to the nature of the game being able to switch between dictionaries for each word length.

Wordle is now available for free, playable on the game's official website.

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