Kirby and the Forgotten Land's boss stage for the Wondaria Remains world is called Danger Under the Big Top. Unlike other stages in the game, players won't have to collect Waddle Dees, but they'll need to take down the Lethal Leopard Clawroline. Defeating her isn't that tough, especially if players are on Spring Breeze mode, but completing all the Missions for this stage can be a doozy.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land players can see all the missions for Danger Under the Big Top below, as well as some tips for clearing them.

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Danger Under the Big Top Missions

  • Clear the Stage
  • Hit High-up Clawroline using Ranger
  • Defeat without hovering
  • Clear within 1:30
  • Clear without taking any damage

Now, the hardest one of the bunch is to clear the boss fight without taking damage. Switching to Spring Breeze mode instead of Wild Mode is the obvious tip to make it easier, but choosing a long-range weapon, like the Ranger Copy Ability, will come in clutch, too. Using the Ranger's gun power will also help players complete the Hit High-up Clawroline mission.

How to Beat Clawroline

danger under the big top kirby clawroline

In the first half of the fight with Clawroline, she'll mostly use her claw attacks to hit players. These are easily telegraphed, so just make sure to have that dodge button ready with any of the trigger/bumper buttons. There won't be much variation until Clawroline gets to half health.

Once she does get to that point, she'll start to jump up and grab onto the metal structures. Shoot her with the Ranger copy ability to clear one of the missions, but be careful, as this leaves players open for an attack from her.

clawroline boss kirby and the forgotten land

If players are trying to complete all missions in one go, it might be hard to shoot her down without taking damage. We suggest doing one single run to hit her down and beat her fast to complete the 1:30 mission. And on the second run, just worry about not getting hit by her.

Pencil Drill Blueprint

Once players finally take down the panther boss, they'll be rewarded with the Pencil Drill Blueprint. With it, players can upgrade the Drill Copy Ability by taking it back to the shop in Waddle Dee town.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is available for Switch.

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