When it comes to making video games that leave lasting, positive impressions on gamers, every facet counts. Gameplay and graphics are some of the most important aspects, but a sweeping soundtrack can give the game a boost, producing a truly memorable experience.

Game soundtracks have come a long way since the inception of the medium, and fans frequently purchase or stream game songs from their favorite titles. For many, the best way to listen to their favorite music is on traditional vinyl records, and one Bloodborne fan came home from a record store with just that.

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Despite audio now being widely available via digital methods that let listeners enjoy them almost instantaneously, vinyl record shops are still around. Redditor BAPEAPE138 made a remarkable discovery at their local record store and shared the find with the Bloodborne subreddit community. They found and purchased a Bloodborne vinyl record set for $60, and fellow fans are both impressed and envious at the find. Commenters were surprised to learn that they found it at a standard record store, not a niche shop that would be inclined to carry game merchandise.

Game soundtracks being produced in vinyl format is becoming more common. Bloodborne received the vinyl treatment back in 2019, with Laced Records releasing a standard and a green vinyl record variant of the original soundtrack. Although the basic version of the record originally sold for $35, these types of vinyl prints tend to sell out quickly, and it's unavailable on the official store.

While most FromSoftware fans are obsessing over Elden Ring, the love for Bloodborne and its soundtrack is still strong. One commenter even noted that if they could, they'd play the Bloodborne record while shutting off the music in Elden Ring. With FromSoftware games being notorious for intense boss battles and multitudes of player deaths, chances are most players of the game have a memorable track that stands out for them, even if they don't know it by name.

Other mega PlayStation hits have seen the vinyl treatment, such as Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4, as well as The Last of Us have been released in this format. Demon's Souls also had its original soundtrack pressed onto vinyl. It's entirely possible that Elden Ring could get the same treatment in the future, and if that happens, fans should act quickly. While some games have received a second run of vinyl soundtrack releases, not every game will. With any luck, Bloodborne fans will get a second chance.

Bloodborne is available now on PS4.

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