Following in the footsteps of the popular WWE 2K series by Visual Concepts, the budding promotion All Elite Wrestling is set to release a video game of its own. It may not achieve the level of polish the WWE license has seen, as decades of time have allowed WWE 2K to refine its formula and learn from its mistakes, but for fans of AEW it could provide hours of virtual entertainment. AEW's popularity has skyrocketed since its beginnings in 2019, largely on the back of its eclectic range of wrestlers.

Little is known about the playable characters who will make up the AEW game's roster, but it's safe to assume that it will include the likes of MJF, Adam Page, Britt Baker, and Kenny Omega, among others. The company has been home to some of the finest entertainers in the world, and with a role that was pivotal from the very start, Cody Rhodes was the figurehead of the company up until his departure in January 2022. Though he is no longer with the company, and will spend the future with rival promotion WWE, Rhodes' impact on AEW's success cannot be ignored. His inclusion in the upcoming AEW video game should be guaranteed.

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WWE's Hall of Fame Roster Spots

WWE 2K22 Bret Hart submitting Hulk Hogan

With each new entry in the WWE 2K franchise, there are always a few roster spots taken up by now-retired performers. From the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels to Ultimate Warrior, the alternate cover star of WWE 2K14, Visual Concepts' franchise has always paid homage to the company's greatest superstars. It would only be fitting that AEW does the same with its product. It's already been confirmed that Owen Hart will be honored in the release, despite his death some 20 years before All Elite Wrestling began.

AEW's limited history means there are few Hall of Fame-caliber performers that have graced its ring, but Rhodes is undoubtedly one of them. As a result, his absence from the game would feel like a deliberate snub, and with WWE 2K22 delivering a great line-up that has just a few obvious mishaps, the inclusion of Rhodes could allow the AEW game to one-up its counterpart.

Cody Rhodes In The AEW Video Game


Rhodes' history with World Wrestling Entertainment means he's been included in a myriad of video games, and though his tenure with the company was successful, he was never a highly rated character. The 90+ ratings are always given to main event superstars, and Rhodes' mid-card status meant he was always floating around the mid-to-high 80s despite impressive in-ring abilities. Rhodes' skill lends itself perfectly to the 3D fighting genre, as his technical prowess makes careful combos to implement as opposed to a high-flying maestro, or hulking brute.

The upcoming AEW game could be a perfect way to give the man credit he's deserved for so very long. Rhodes' now-confirmed future in the WWE is uncertain, with the wealth of talented wrestlers at the company providing sky-high competition, so a video game homage to his impact on AEW and pro wrestling as a whole would be a wonderful inclusion.

All Elite Wrestling seems to be approaching the video game market with care, and signs point to a promising title when it releases. The impressive roster of talent at the company makes balancing gameplay seem like a tough task, so having another non-contracted performer on the roster would make the feat more difficult. However, Cody Rhodes' huge influence on the beginnings of the company, and the way he captured the hearts of many, is something that makes him deserving of a place.

The AEW video game is in development.

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