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Social Stats are a recurring gameplay mechanic in the Persona franchise. While they don't have an impact in battle, some social stats need to be at a specific rank in order to max out certain Confidants. In Persona 5 Royal, there are five Social Stats: Knowledge, Guts, Charm, Kindness, and Proficiency. The game gives plenty of time to boost these stats, but some may be worth more effort than others.

With some quality-of-life changes brought to Persona 5 Royal, Joker has new ways to level up Social Stats that by the end of a player's first run, they should have most if not all the stats maxed out. With over half of the Confidants locked behind Social Stats, it's important to know how to level them up and which Confidants are worth maxing out on a first playthrough.

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Toughest Social Stats to Increase

persona 5 royal classroom

Social Stats like Knowledge and Proficiency are easier to level up thanks to the classroom questions (Knowledge) and crafting Infiltration Tools (Proficiency). Some of the Phantom Thieves need Knowledge and Proficiency to advance their Confidant, so it's important to answer questions correctly and do part-time jobs (Beef Bowl) before more Confidants become available at night.

All Social Stats can be advanced by reading books and watching movies at home. At the bottom of the descriptions, it will say which Social Stat the book/movie will increase.

For increasing Kindness:

  • Use Bio Nutrients on the houseplant in Joker's room.
  • Working at the Flower Shop can raise Kindness too, but this will take up Joker's afternoon time.
  • Interact with the bathroom on Leblanc's first floor to clean. This will give Joker one point towards his Kindness. It's recommended to take advantage of this as soon as it becomes available. Until Joker reaches a certain point in the game, he won't be able to leave Yongen-Jaya at night, but he will be able to clean Leblanc.

Guts is arguably the toughest of the Social Stats to level up, thanks to its limited methods.

  • Do Takemi's clinical trials.
  • Speak to "stern-looking people" while working at Shinjuku's Crossroads bar.

To level up Charm, players have a few more options than Guts, but it still has less methods of ranking up compared to Knowledge and Proficiency.

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Confidants with Social Stat Requirements

persona 5 royal haru okumura

The following Confidants need Social Stats to advance their rank, but there's only a handful that players should really prioritize.

Name Arcana Social Stat(s)
Takemi Death Guts level 2 (Rank 2)
Charm level 4 (Rank 8)
Iwai Hanged Man Guts level 4 (Rank 1)
Guts level 5 (Rank 8)
Kawakami Temperance Guts level 3 (Rank 1)
Akechi Justice Charm level 3 (Rank 3)
Knowledge level 4 (Rank 7)
Ann Lovers Kindness level 2 (Rank 2)
Yusuke Emperor Proficiency level 4 (Rank 6)
Makoto Priestess Knowledge level 3 (Rank 1)
Charm level 5 (Rank 6)
Futaba Hermit Kindness level 4 (Rank 2)
Haru Empress Proficiency level 5 (Rank 2)
Hifumi Star Charm level 3 (Rank 1)
Knowledge level 5 (Rank 8)
Sojiro Hierophant Kindness level 5 (Rank 7)

On a first run, especially if players are trying to get Persona 5 Royal's True Ending, it's recommended to max out all the Phantom Thieves' Confidants, including Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa. This is because all party members will get their Third-Tier Persona in the third semester as long as their Confidant is completed before confronting the final Palace Ruler.

The Phantom Thieves with Social Stat-required Confidants don't have very useful benefits. However, Futaba will gain some abilities that can help in battle and she will occasionally map out a floor in Mementos. If players are struggling to max out Proficiency for Haru or Charm for Makoto, then at least work on Kindness to complete Futaba's Confidant.

Other Confidants with Social Stats worth completing are:

  • Hifumi: Rank 10 allows any party member to swap out in the middle of battle on their turn.
  • Kawakami: Rank 10 allows Joker to go out at night on days he's been to the Metaverse.
  • Sojiro: Able to make Master Coffee and Master Curry.
  • Takemi: More items including SP-restoring items such as SP Adhesive 3 become available for purchase.

Those with less-useful Confidant benefits such as Iwai, who offers Gun Customization, can be completed later in the story, or even on NG+. Prioritize the Social Stats linked to the better Confidants to make gameplay easier, and to carry over into NG+.

Persona 5 Royal is available on PlayStation 4.

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