Game Rant - Feed Game Rant delivers content written by gamers for gamers with an emphasis on news, reviews, unique features, and interviews. Mon, 28 Mar 2022 04:32:23 GMT en-US hourly 60 Minecraft Player Showcases Awesome Indoor Aquarium Due to its ease of access along with its opportunity for near-limitless creativity, Minecraft is regarded by many as one of the best sandbox games and one of the best survival games ever made. Still going strong after over a decade on the market, Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular games on Twitch and YouTube.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 04:32:23 GMT
Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi Announced It's an exciting time to be a Kingdom Hearts fan, as series fanatics are celebrating the series' 20th anniversary. After all these years, the game franchise is extremely popular, and fans eagerly await any new arrivals.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 04:20:42 GMT
Clever Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Adds Their Cat To The Game If there is one thing that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fanbase can be known for, it is the incredible creativity found within the community. Players often share unique island landscapes inspired by their favorite fandoms, while others produce amazing custom designs for clothes, furniture, and more. Now, another ACNH fan has decided that they love their real-life pet cat so much that they even found a way to have them implemented into the Nintendo Switch video game.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 03:31:19 GMT
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fan Suggests Hilarious Suit Ability Stylish, acrobatic combat and gratifying open-world traversal are only two of the mechanics in Marvel's Spider-Man that make it so unique and fun to play. Embedded in its combat and traversal are also dynamic suit mods and suit powers that help players identify their unique play-styles and experiment with a ton of different abilities at their disposal.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 03:07:26 GMT
Lost Ark: All Punika World Quests & How Long To Beat
Punika is currently the furthest possible location the story of Lost Ark progresses, though that won't always be the case. This island is full of an absurd amount of beautiful people, a Guardian, one of the most annoying Field Bosses, and a lot of story quests. And, funnily enough, it's one of the only places in the game safe from bots spamming the Area Chat.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:51:13 GMT
5 Best Anime To Watch If You Love My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia is one of the best shonen anime of the decade. Over the past years, this anime has gained a lot of popularity among young adults, teens, and even kids. It's a coming-of-age, action-packed, humoristic, and inspiring anime that focuses on friendship and power.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:45:13 GMT
Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Frustrating ‘Clicking’ Bug is Being Investigated In any first-person shooter game, players have to focus on every element presented to them in order to rapidly detect enemies and other threats. Sight and sound are equally important, and spatial awareness can mean the difference between a player surviving or not.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:36:12 GMT
Dungeons and Dragons: Easiest Campaigns To Run As DM
Writing your own campaign in Dungeons and Dragons is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be very difficult. Luckily, Wizards of The West Coast regularly publishes their own D&D adventures, which can take a lot of the load off the shoulders of DMs that don't have a ton of time or would rather just tell a pre-written story.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:30:15 GMT
Moon Knight: 10 Things That Separate Marvel's Character From Batman
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to introduce audiences to a brand-new hero in the Disney+ show Moon Knight. Starring Oscar Isaac, this series is the first of many Marvel shows that will completely center on a character fans haven't met yet. As expected, casual MCU fans are probably unacquainted with Moon Knight's origins.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:30:14 GMT
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to Get Abra Early
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl welcomes players to the Sinnoh region in the updated re-release of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. At the start, trainers will have their Starter Pokemon and any others they manage to capture. One Pokemon that may be worth catching along the way is Abra.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:30:15 GMT
7 Best Sci-Fi Movies Set In Utopias
The word utopia is used to describe a perfect society that provides an ideal environment for everyone living there. Like most perfect things, a utopia is more a concept than a reality, and if movies have taught us anything, most attempts at building utopian societies have been failures.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:30:13 GMT
8 Gaming Characters Who Could Keep Up With The Flash
In the world of superheroes, there's a singular character that comes to just about everyone's mind when talking about sheer speed; the one and only Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash. While there are a few different characters in the DC universe that have inherited the power of superhuman speed, Barry Allen is one of the most notable characters that took the famous title of The Flash.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:15:13 GMT
Tunic: How To Unlock The Fire Staff
Tunic's basic attacks will be familiar to anyone who's played adventure games like this before: one button swings the sword and another pulls up the shield. But Tunic also sports a variety of different magical objects that can augment the titular fox's combat prowess.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 02:00:13 GMT
Why Apex Legends' Tridents Aren't Used That Much
As Apex Legends has evolved over the years, its maps have gotten larger to accommodate changes. World's Edge, the game's second map, is still larger than King's Canyon - Apex Legends' original map. Likewise, Olympus is way bigger than World's Edge, and Storm Point dwarfs Olympus.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 01:40:56 GMT
Moon Knight Director On How The Show Is Unlike The Rest Of Marvel Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has a lot of respect for Marvel Studios for allowing him to work on the series. As he walked the red carpet during the series’ premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, the award-winning Egyptian director revealed how much creative liberty was given to him by the studio, and how the much-awaited series is “different” from the rest of the content in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 01:30:14 GMT
Star Trek: Is Captain Janeway a War Criminal?
A striking title such as this was sure to get Star Trek fans' attention, especially considering that the very essence of Star Trek is supposed to be about peace, compassion, and honor. To have decorated Starfleet personnel commit atrocities is not too uncommon within the Federation, with a handful of spies, traitors, and downright nasty characters hiding within the utopian corporation. But to say someone so revered as Captain Kathryn Janeway is a war criminal? That's a different story.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 01:30:13 GMT
Wordle 282 Answer for March 28, 2022
Today features yet another Wordle puzzle for players to scratch their heads over. This word is one of the many English words that have many, many others spelled nearly the same way, so fans might need a hint or two to get to the right answer.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 01:26:21 GMT
Nothing From Destiny is Off The Table for a Destiny 2 Comeback According to Bungie
Destiny 2's The Witch Queen has been out for around a month-and-a-half now, and the overall reception from fans has been very positive for several reasons, including the narrative direction the game is taking. One of the reasons why The Witch Queen is so successful in what it does is that it takes a lot of themes and storylines from the origins of the franchise, or even from the origins of the Destiny 2 universe. The Witch Queen is forever tied to Destiny's most successful release, The Taken King, and all the lore surrounding the Hive.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 01:16:45 GMT
LOTR: Would Gollum Have Been Allowed To Go To The Undying Lands Because He Was A Ringbearer?
All Lord of the Rings fans know that being awarded a place aboard the ships sailing west to the Undying Lands is an extreme honor for a mortal. Valinor, the sacred, heaven equivalent to Middle Earth is reserved solely for those few elves who still posses the gift of the Valar, and they are becoming less and less frequent themselves as the Age of Elves ends and the dominion of Men begins at the start of the Fourth Age.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 01:00:14 GMT
Red Dead Redemption 2 Player is Turning NPCs into Human Kites One of the greatest allures of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the large degree of user agency that players can utilize while roaming the open world. Aside from interacting with NPCs and exploring various towns, there's a multitude of additional content for players to explore within Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, some players have taken to using the physics of Red Dead Redemption 2 in one of the most humorous ways possible.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 00:46:48 GMT
Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Reveals Why He's Been Waiting For Moon Knight The cast and crew of Moon Knight walked the red carpet at the series’ premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Joining the team was Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, who expressed his excitement over the series upcoming release on Disney Plus. But, what has stuck with fans is Feige's revelation as to why he is so thrilled about the character coming to life in this adaptation.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 00:30:13 GMT
Titane: The Weirdest, Most Experimental Horror Movie of 2021
Horror is simultaneously the genre that spits out some of the most disposable trash in the cinematic world and the venue by which creative visionaries critique reality through dreams. A piece of fiction dedicated to unnerving, disturbing, or threatening an audience can be carefully crafted to do much more.

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 00:00:14 GMT
Original WipEout Source Code Released by Archival Group After many years without a new game, WipEout fans finally have something to be excited about. An archival group has released an important part of the development of the original WipEout for fans to analyze in detail.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 23:39:43 GMT
A Legend of Zelda 2D Dungeon Maker May Work Well as a Mobile Game
Super Mario Maker on Wii U was a fairly revolutionary offering for Nintendo, bringing the custom level creation scene popularized by "Kaizo Mario" games with creation tools such as Lunar Magic to mainstream audiences with a lighthearted and easy-to-learn design. The potential for Super Mario Maker and its sequel on Switch aren't as limitless as user-made tools, but the fact Nintendo was willing to give its fans a custom creation experience featuring its popular IP opened a potential floodgate. One series that many have expressed an interest in seeing adopt this formula is The Legend of Zelda.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 23:35:21 GMT
Among Us Servers Are Down Following DDoS Attacks The online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us continues to be successful even after its viral popularity from 2021 has largely faded away. However, even the remaining community for Among Us has been stuck unable to play since Thursday, March 24. The game's servers have been down across all platforms in both North American and Europe through the weekend. Developer Innersloth says that Among Us is being targeted by a DDoS attack.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 23:19:26 GMT
Moon Knight Director On How Long Oscar Isaac May Be In The MCU
The MCU has seen several exciting and complex characters, but it appears that Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight may take things to another level. Now, one of the Marvel Studios series' directors, Mohamed Diab, believes the titular hero will be in the MCU for many years.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 23:00:13 GMT
Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Circuit Speedway - Waddle Dee Locations and Missions Guide
Kirby and the Forgotten Land is in the hand of players, and many are making their way through the new world the game gives players to explore. Along the way, Kirby and his new friend Elfilin will reach an abandoned theme park that the Beast Pack is keeping operational.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:48:33 GMT
The Batman’s Trailers Gave Too Much Away
The Batman is now in theaters, meaning that fans have had a few weeks to digest the nearly three-hour long film directed and co-written by Matt Reeves, who previously worked on two Planet of the Apes films. A lot happens in this film, from the Riddler’s dense and elaborate mystery to the title character building relationships with many of his iconic rogue gallery of villains, including Penguin, Riddler, and the Joker (who was shown briefly in the film, but was the focus of a recently released deleted scene).

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:30:13 GMT
The Next Witcher Game Should Replace Gwent
The internet has been abuzz ever since CD Projekt Red announced a new Witcher game is in development. In a post on The Witcher’s website, the announcement says CD Projekt Red will be utilizing Unreal Engine 5. Alongside the announcement was an image depicting a Witcher medallion in the shape of a lynx. This has led some fans to believe the new title won't include Geralt, but will instead focus on the start of a new saga. If this is the case and the series leaves its origins behind, it would be a great opportunity for CD Projekt Red to move away from Gwent, too.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:18:17 GMT
The Sims 4: The Best Items In The Decor To The Max Kit
EA’s new kit for The Sims 4, Decor To The Max, introduces a small collection of furniture and build items that suit a maximalist style. For people who are fans of eclectic, art-deco styles, it’s a perfect choice for fancier builds and expensive houses. For others, the kit’s assortment may feel bold and overwhelming, or they may not know where to start.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:15:14 GMT
Apex Legends Player Comes Up With Interesting Change to the Game’s Evo Shield System With each new competitive season, Apex Legends continues to revise and innovate on the massively popular hero-based battle royale through new gameplay mechanics and changes to both characters and existing mechanics. Season 12 saw the return of the popular Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up and added Mad Maggie to the game's roster of over twenty unique playable Legends, among many other changes. Recently, one passionate fan of the battle royale game suggested a change to a core mechanic of the game that would fall in line with other similar reworks.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:07:33 GMT
The Best Games On Xbox Game Pass (March 2022)
Microsoft’s Game Pass service is easily worth the price of admission. Many might balk at the concept of having their video game library locked behind a subscription service, but the fact is subscribers get access to an incredible selection of titles spanning from indie darlings to triple-A blockbusters for a surprisingly affordable monthly fee.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:05:14 GMT
Warcraft: Sylvanas Windrunner’s Evolution into the Banshee Queen
One of the most well-known characters in World of Warcraft is Sylvanas Windrunner. Her story began back in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, and is seemingly coming to a close in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - at least for now. She has gone through a lot of changes and growth throughout her time on Azeroth, and has incited much controversy from the fanbase.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:03:26 GMT
Tunic: How To Beat The Garden Knight
Tunic's boss battles are some of the most challenging hurdles in the game, often requiring players to use all the tools at their disposal to claim victory. The first of these battles is against an enchanted golem known as the Garden Knight, so named because it can be found in the West Garden.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:00:14 GMT
Jonathan Gresham Wants CM Punk And Bryan Danielson As Next Challengers Ring Of Honor Champion Jonathan Gresham made some waves when he declared that the next step in his goal to "bring honor and prestige" to the ROH World Title is to face All Elite Wrestling megastars and recent ROH Hall Of Fame inductees CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 22:00:13 GMT
Terrifying Skyrim Clip Shows Bugged NPCs Chasing After a Player The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the longest open world games on the market, and it features a sprawling world filled with NPCs to interact with. This massive game world has its downsides, however, especially since the title is incredibly well-known for its often hilarious glitches. Now, one Skyrim fan has shared a clip showing bugged NPCs chasing after a player in a scene right out of a horror movie.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:42:26 GMT
Horizon Forbidden West's Mad Max-Style Gauntlet Runs Deserve More Attention
In Horizon Forbidden West, players continue Aloy's quest to protect the balance of technology and nature that helped revive planet Earth after a rogue swarm of military robots wiped out all life some centuries prior. Yet, as in most open-world games, there's a sort of ludonarrative dissonance at the core of the experience given Aloy is able to ignore her world-saving quest in favor of collecting Black Box recordings or helping various tribes through their day-to-day woes.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:41:30 GMT
Rumor: Several Big PlayStation Announcements Could Be Coming Next Week PlayStation fans have had plenty of big news to celebrate in recent months. From the Bungie acquisition to the announcement of PSVR 2, there is already plenty to look forward to - though it seems like more reveals could be imminent.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:30:50 GMT
5 Characters That Should Show Up In Marvel's Halloween Special
This October will see the arrival of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Halloween special on Disney Plus, directed by Spider-Man and Doctor Strange composer Michael Giacchino. And while details on this spooky special are still few and far between for now, it seems like it’s going to be a chillingly good time for fans of Marvel’s horror-themed characters.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:30:13 GMT
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Complete Raiders of the Lost Shark Quest Guide (Indiana Jones Reference)
Despite Tiny Tina's Wonderlands being a looter shooter at its core, this Borderlands spin-off has introduced several new gameplay mechanics that turn into a unique take of the tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. Moreover, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands lets players wield powerful spells and companions that'll make even the most Badass Bosses seem like a weak enemy.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:05:06 GMT
Modern Games You Can Still Use Cheats To Get Ahead In
Cheat codes have largely gone away in the modern gaming landscape. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements, and trophies, getting an advantage by putting in a code seems unfair. However, a select few games still carry on this tradition, either as a way to unlock everything without doing the work or by giving the characters buffs to make the game easier.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:00:16 GMT
Lost Ark: Revelry Row Mokoko Seed Locations Revelry Row is quite literally the "party island" of Lost Ark, and is apparently called Shangra-La by the kids that stay and party there. It's full of the same couple of NPCs dancing unendingly as if this was some sort of purgatory. And, while the island does have a fair amount of quests, a good number of useful rewards, and even its own dedicated Una's Task, there are only two Seeds to find on this Island. While it would be hilarious if those highly sought-after Mokoko seeds were behind the DJ booth or in the middle of the dance floor, they're a bit more boorishly hidden in the bushes at the edges of the island.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:00:15 GMT
Oscar Isaac Needed His Brothers Help To Play Moon Knight Role
In order to play dual personalities, Marc Spector and Steven Grant, for his upcoming role in Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac reveals he sought out his brother’s assistance. Isaac has already dominated other massive franchises such as Star Wars and Dune. Now with landing this role, he makes his grand introduction into the MCU.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 21:00:14 GMT
Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Northeast Frost Street Missions and Waddle Dees Guide
Northeast Frost Street is the first stage that Kirby and the Forgotten Land players will need to go through in the snowy region midway in the story. There are five missions for this stage, and they are as follows:

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:52:22 GMT
Twitch Streamer Shroud Reveals He Has No Idea Where His Gamer of the Year Streamer Award Is Two weeks ago, The Streamer Awards held its inaugural event, the first in what's expected to become an annual awards presentation. It was watched by hundreds of thousands of people and featured major Twitch and YouTube streamers and content creators from across the internet. However, Twitch streamer Shorud, The Streamer Awards' recipient for Gamer of the Year award, is left feeling as if the event may not have even happened.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:45:44 GMT
Hogwarts Legacy's Merlin Fan Theory Explained First being announced in 2020, Hogwarts Legacy was initially pushed back by developers to many fans' dismay. Luckily, thanks to the recent Hogwarts Legacy State of Play presentation, gamers can get a better picture of the story and what sort of experience they are in for.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:36:37 GMT
Does Face/Off Still Hold Up?
Certain films fall into so many culturally relevant subgenres that it becomes truly impossible for them to ever really exit the zeitgeist. It's hard to imagine an age in which humans exist during which people aren't still occasionally talking about the film in which John Travolta and Nicolas Cage swapped faces.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:30:14 GMT
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Make Secret Base in Grand Underground
Upon reaching Eterna City in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, players will unlock the Grand Underground, a vast network of tunnels that is hidden underneath the Sinnoh region. Fans that spend time exploring these tunnels will encounter a variety of hideaways where they can catch some exclusive Pokemon. Players can also establish a Secret Base in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground, and this guide details exactly how that is done.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:30:15 GMT
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Downfall of Van Hohenheim
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood centers primarily on its protagonist, Edward Elric, and his brother and deuteragonist, Alphonse Elric. Although their father, Van Hohenheim, is introduced as a minor character whose sole purpose is to provoke the events leading up to the central plot of the story, it becomes quite apparent throughout the anime that Hohenheim is so much more.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:30:13 GMT
A Witcher Game Like Hogwarts Legacy Could Be Great
Avalanche Studios finally shed some light on its highly anticipated Harry Potter title, Hogwarts Legacy. Fans of the franchise will finally be able to live out their dreams of attending Hogwarts and learning how to be a wizard, telling their own stories in this popular fantasy world - despite its controversial creator. However, Harry Potter is not the only franchise that could benefit from allowing players to tell their own stories. The Witcher would also be a perfect fit for this concept.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:29:04 GMT
The Case For a Playable Torgue in Borderlands 4
With Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands releasing very recently, Borderlands 4 is likely a fair bit away. As such, fans have no knowledge about what the game will entail, with only a search for Lilith set up for the sequel. However, it is still fun to speculate about potential Vault Hunters that could be a part of the next game’s lineup.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:23:17 GMT
Pokemon Fan Makes Handmade Stickers of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Sprigatito The recent announcement of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has led to many fans of the Pokemon franchise creating and sharing tributes to the new starter trio. Quaxly, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco have already earned a lot of affection with their adorable designs and seemingly charming personalities. Now, one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan is making handmade stickers of Sprigatito, the games' Grass-type starter.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:02:32 GMT
New Date A Live IV Trailer Teases Ending Song Kadokawa streamed a new promo video for the upcoming Date A Live IV anime on Sunday. The new video previews SWEET ARMS’ ending theme, "S.O.S." and highlights the series’ newest Spirit, Spirit Nia Honjō, who will be voiced by Hitomi Nabatame (White Album 2’s Kazusa Touma, Elfen Lied’s Kouta).

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:00:14 GMT
Matt Smith Shares Why He Agreed To Play Morbius Villain Loxias Crown
Actor Matt Smith has recently shared why he ended up agreeing to play the infamous villain, Loxias Crown (a.k.a. Hunger), in Sony's upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film, Morbius. Smith will be starring alongside Jared Leto, who has been cast as the main character, Dr. Michael Morbius.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:00:13 GMT
Elden Ring: Swords Tier List
As a classic choice for all types of play, from sword-and-board to spellblade, the Sword category is friendly to nearly all builds in Elden Ring. If players so choose, they can opt to use two different swords in either hand, pair one up with a bulky shield, wield a single blade in both hands, or switch between any combination. Since Swords are one of the deepest categories in Elden Ring, the possibilities are endless.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:56:44 GMT
Genshin Impact Leak Reveals More Information About Yelan Kit Each Genshin Impact update brings tons of new content that includes new characters and new regions. The upcoming update will officially bring a brand-new region named Chasm, which has been teased on the game's map for a very long time.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:49:08 GMT
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Complete Guide: Weapons, Spells, Items, Builds, Bosses, Lucky Dice, & Secrets
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is the latest entry in the Borderlands series by Gearbox Software and 2K and features yet another Bunkers and Badasses game hosted by explosives enthusiast Tiny Tina. Players of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands create their character and delve into a fantasy world of Tina's own imagining to face off against the sinister forces of the Dragonlord.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:39:51 GMT
Reacher: Why Alan Ritchson’s Version Of the Character Is Better Than Tom Cruise’s
Jack Reacher looks like a simple character to figure out on the outside due to his physical appearance and his wisecracking attitude. However, on the inside, he has emotions and feelings but does his best to hide them so that his enemies don't smell his fear, and the people close to him don't get hurt. Reacher is reminiscent of hard-boiled protagonists such as Clint Eastwood's Harry Callahan or Keanu Reeves' John Wick in the sense that he is an experienced fighter and marksman who doesn't hesitate and isn't afraid to go above the law.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:30:14 GMT
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Journal Updates After The Jailer's Death, Hints At Overarching Plot World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has concluded its primary storyline with the defeat of the Jailer in "Eternity's End" and the restoration of order in the Realm of Death. Allegedly a chapter in the Warcraft saga that began with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, the Jailer's death was meant to close a lot of loose threads that Shadowlands unraveled. Unfortunately, the Shadowlands expansion finale only confusingly opened further questions and left the Jailer as a lifeless, flat husk of a villain – both figuratively and literally.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:22:51 GMT
Destiny 2: Explaining Telesto's Long History of Being Broken
Across Destiny 2's massive and forever-changing live service, the exotic weapon Telesto has proven to be consistently broken. Way back in the first Destiny, the first recorded bug was registered when it was noticed that Telesto could be used to produce special ammo in PvP, greatly increasing players' chances of killing other Guardians. Since its introduction into Destiny 2, the weapon has had many lingering bugs that were not fixed or noticed before they were patched; Telesto has been broken or bugged in Destiny 2 more than 35 times. It's broken the game so many times that there's a website dedicated to tracking the last time it broke the game, and if it currently is.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:18:50 GMT
Lost Ark: Glacier Isle Mokoko Seed Locations For those who haven't been here yet, Lost Ark's Glacier Isle is a small little island with a singular musician name Orazio and a sad polar bear named Samly grieving over its lost mother. This Island is home to a pretty long and surprisingly depressing quest line about pollution and global warming that starts with "Iceberg Inquiry" from Mathias (found on Peyto) and ends with a beautiful concert cutscene in the Elegy of Serenity quest. Along the way, players unlock a new Rapport NPC in Samly, a bunch of Tier 1 Honing Materials, the Elegy of Serenity Sheet Music, and the Glacier Isle Island Soul, making it absolutely one of those side quests that people should not skip.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:15:13 GMT
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Complete A Knight's Toil Quest Guide (Unreal Engine Easter Egg)
The Borderlands franchise has always included unique Easter Eggs hidden within quests that players have had to uncover during their playthrough. From the Mutated Turtles and a Rat (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) in Borderlands 2 to Wick and Warty (Rick and Morty) in Borderlands 3, and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands doesn't hold back either.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:04:50 GMT
Tunic Player Discovers Soft Lock That Happens Early in the Game Tunic has been in development for seven years, but it's finally out, and this adorable adventure game has been doing quite well for itself. However, this doesn't mean that fans haven't stumbled across any design flaws or other small details that could have been improved. One Tunic player recently discovered a soft lock that happens very early in the game.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:03:44 GMT
New Sword Art Online Progressive Teaser Video Released A new teaser for the second Sword Art Online Progressive film, Sword Art Online Progressive – Scherzo of a Dark Dusk, was released on Sunday. The video was revealed at a stage presentation for the Sword Art Online franchise during the AnimeJapan 2022 event.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:00:16 GMT
Moon Knight Director Slams Black Adam For Not Hiring Egyptian Talent
Director of the upcoming Moon Knight television series, Mohamed Diab, has discussed why it was important to highlight Egypt in an authentic way when working on the show. He also criticized Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam for not doing the same despite being set in a location clearly inspired by Egypt.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 19:00:14 GMT
FIFA Crossplay Has Been a Long Time Coming
FIFA has been a game that has undoubtedly cornered the soccer video game market. Over the course of well over two decades, EA Sports has successfully fought off competition primarily via the acquisition of lucrative deals with the major soccer organization FIFA, and the relaxation of copyright issues that it fostered. Now, with the utilization of the impressive Frostbite game engine, and face scans of the sport's most coveted players, the franchise looks better than ever.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:49:42 GMT
Elden Ring Fan Makes Incredible 3D-Printed Pots From the Game That Can Be Used as Plant Holders
Between its massive open world that rewards exploration, the option to play alone or with friends/enemies, and some of the most challenging fights in gaming, Elden Ring has a lot to offer in terms of variety and replayability. Pre-launch, Elden Ring had a lot of hype behind it, and many players agree that it has lived up to it.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:43:50 GMT
Why The Dropout Is Just As Terrifying As A Horror Movie
There have been tons of documentaries in recent years about famous scams and scandals. Pop culture fans were riveted by the 2019 Netflix doc Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened along with Hulu's Fyre Fraud. Then in 2021, Netflix released Operation Varsity Blues, the documentary about the college admissions scandal.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:30:13 GMT
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Honey Tree Wait Time
There are many different ways to find and capture a variety of Pokemon throughout both Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. One method mostly exclusive to the games set in the Sinnoh region is the honey tree method.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:30:14 GMT
Portal 2: Desolation Mod Receives New Trailer That Shows Off Improved Graphics While Valve's game output isn't as big as it was in the mid-2000s, the Washington-based developer has some IPs that are still rich experiences. One of these beloved properties is Portal and its sequel Portal 2, both of them having mind-bending puzzles and incredibly witty writing. While Portal 2 hasn't seen a fully-fledged sequel, there are plenty of fans who are able to maintain interest in the franchise, especially through the use of mods.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:29:46 GMT
Hidden Titanfall 2 Easter Egg Discovered After Apex Legends Dev Gives Fan a Helpful Hint Titanfall 2 has now been available for around five and a half years. While it's no longer supported by Respawn Entertainment, it has an incredibly dedicated fanbase that still plays daily via custom servers. This fanbase has explored Titanfall 2's every inch and unraveled its many secrets. However, it seems that Titanfall 2's biggest fans may have missed one Easter egg. With the help of a pair of developers, one current Respawn dev and one former, one last Easter egg has been discovered in Titanfall 2.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:19:25 GMT
Daniel Radcliffe On Why He Has No Desire To Return To Harry Potter
Fans of the Harry Potter franchise were ecstatic to see Daniel Radcliffe's reemergence in Hogwarts castle during HBO Max's Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts reunion special, but it looks as if that may be the closest audiences get to seeing Radcliffe appear in the magical world again. Radcliffe indicated that donning the invisibility cloak once more was not currently within the realm of interests.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:00:13 GMT
The Rings Of Power: The Relationship Between Elrond And Galadriel
There is so much hype surrounding the recently released information concerning the new Amazon Lord of the Rings series: Rings of Power, from fans researching who the cast are and what programs and films they have previously starred in, to audiences worldwide watching the newly released trainer and speculating upon what the series might have in store. From the looks of the posters and Vanity Fair first glimpses at the characters, the series is shaping up to be a wonderfully modern rendition of an old literary masterpiece.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 17:30:13 GMT
Who Should Publish The AEW Game
For years, WWE games have ruled the sports entertainment video game market, pushing out AAA games at an annual rate. During this period of dominance, various other brands, such as TNA, put out their own wrestling games. However, those games were not able to attract the massive and loyal fanbase that the WWE titles held. With the AEW video game now in development, there are many reasons to be excited about a fresh take on the popular sports entertainment genre. However, for the game to successfully challenge WWE’s throne, there may be the need for AEW to acquire a partnership with a reputable publisher.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 17:27:33 GMT
Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Danger Under the Big Top Missions Guide
Kirby and the Forgotten Land's boss stage for the Wondaria Remains world is called Danger Under the Big Top. Unlike other stages in the game, players won't have to collect Waddle Dees, but they'll need to take down the Lethal Leopard Clawroline. Defeating her isn't that tough, especially if players are on Spring Breeze mode, but completing all the Missions for this stage can be a doozy.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 17:21:04 GMT
Francis Ford Coppola Says He Actually Likes Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool
Francis Ford Coppola is a busy man these days, but one unintentional controversy was his reported dislike of superhero movies. But the iconic director of The Godfather has cited an exception: Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 17:00:15 GMT
Doctor Who: The History Of The Timelords And The Daleks, Explained
In the long history of Doctor Who, The Doctor has come up against many foes. The Doctor battled the Nestene Consciousness under the London Eye, came up against Haemovores draining people of their blood, and stopped the lava-loving Shalka from destroying the Earth's ozone layer. Through all the enemies fought and across all the galaxies and time periods traveled, one enemy remains the most feared and the most famous.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 17:00:14 GMT
Kirby Games Have ‘No Clear Timeline’ According to HAL Laboratory’s General Director
With the Nintendo Switch entering its sixth year of support, the console's library is becoming incredibly packed with tons of exclusives. This is evident with the launch of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which has been off to a positive start for Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. Given that this is Kirby's transition into full 3D gameplay, it features incredibly detailed levels that maintain the series' traditional gameplay, now translated into a new environment. Many fans are excitedly playing the pink puffball's latest adventure, as well as seeing Kirby's leap into a 3D plane.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:52:54 GMT
Why You Should Watch Summer Time Rendering
There are plenty of promising anime that will air in Spring 2022. One of them, Summer Time Rendering, is sure to be one of the highlights of the season. Summer Time Rendering is actually an adaptation of a manga that completed its run back in 2021.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:45:15 GMT
Halo AR Filter Launches on Instagram and Facebook
Microsoft's flagship franchise has given longtime Halo fans plenty of reasons to be excited about the iconic Xbox staple over the past few months. November and December saw the release of the long-awaited Halo Infinite as the sixth main-series entry into the series that celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year, and the highly-anticipated Halo TV series aired its first episode last week. Now, as part of the celebration surrounding the debut of the live-action series, Microsoft and Paramount+ have partnered with several social media platforms to help fans celebrate the launch.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:34:24 GMT
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Rare Candy Locations
As players explore the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl they can find plenty of items scattered throughout the roads ahead. While some items are more helpful than others, one of the luckiest finds players can encounter is a Rare Candy.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:30:16 GMT
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: All Pokemon That Evolve Through Trading
In order to grow stronger, Pokemon need to evolve. The easiest and well-known method is by having them battle and level up. Other species evolve with high Friendship or if given an Evolution Stone. However, some Pokemon will only evolve when they've been traded to another person. If players intend on filling up their Pokedex in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, they'll need to trade.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:30:16 GMT
Is The Teen Horror Genre Dead?
There are several horror subgenres, but for many people, a horror movie about teenagers is always going to be a good time. The '90s was a great moment for this type of scary movie, and there are countless slashers about a killer threatening a friend group. Characters are often the popular kids at school or the total opposite, sensitive people who have a tough time dealing with the day to day of frustrating high school life.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:30:14 GMT
Why the Kingdom Hearts Series is Iconic As Ever After 20 Years
In early 2002, a role-playing game known as Kingdom Hearts was released for the PlayStation 2, earning the curious gaze of many gamers due to just how unexpected it was. It was a game created by Square Enix with the help of Disney, as it featured an original story of a boy named Sora who traversed worlds inhabited by both Final Fantasy characters and familiar Disney faces; from Mickey Mouse, to Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas. Despite how unorthodox the title was, it proved to be rather successful.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:14:11 GMT
X-Men Star Alexandra Shipp Reveals Her Pick To Play Storm In The MCU
X-Men star Alexandra Shipp reflected on her time as Storm while discussing her upcoming film, Asking For It. The actress was very grateful for the opportunity despite the reaction that the movies received. She played Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and had a very small cameo in Deadpool 2.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 16:00:13 GMT
Elden Ring: Rivers of Blood Katana Build Guide
The Rivers of Blood katana is an extremely powerful weapon in Elden Ring, in no small part due to its ability to inflict blood loss and its Corpse Piler skill. Indeed, this weapon can be absolutely devastating, especially when it is supported by a complimentary build. This guide is here to provide recommendations on how to build around the Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring, and it will help players get the most out of this unique katana.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:43:19 GMT
Pikmin Bloom Could Make Good Use of the Series' Enemies
The successful launch of Pokemon GO in summer 2016 primed Niantic for five years of steady updates. To this day the mobile app is continuing its journey across the Pokemon world, adding the nearly 1,000 monsters from all eight generations of mainline games alongside regional variants, shinies, and limited-time cosmetics. Between Community Days and Pokemon GO's seasons with themed events, the game is never hurting for content. Niantic's other Nintendo-based game Pikmin Bloom is a different story.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:30:06 GMT
Looter-Shooter Space Punks Is Getting an Open Beta on the Epic Games Store Space Punks is the next upcoming live service looter shooter that will be soon hitting the market, developed by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog. The studio is mostly known for the reboot of the Shadow Warrior series, with the most recent entry being Shadow Warrior 3 earlier this month. While it did receive mixed reviews, the title's movement, mechanics, and incredibly chaotic gameplay were praised as some of its highlights. The upcoming Space Punks seems to be encapsulating those elements into an isometric twin-stick shooter format.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:26:27 GMT
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Should Learn from Sword and Shield’s Max Raids
With Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet having been announced, a lot of Pokemon fans are eagerly looking to the future. For many, this often means that current releases, like Pokemon Sword and Shield, will be moved to the back burner as something new grabs players’ attention. To be fair, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus, have already contributed to Pokemon fans moving onto new sets of games. That being said, the announcement of a new generation means a lot of eyes are trained ahead. As Pokemon Scarlet and Violet get closer to releasing this fall, the games themselves should look to their predecessors for inspiration.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:21:13 GMT
Elden Ring: The Best Places To Unlock First With Stonesword Keys
It might not look like it, but Elden Ring is also a resource-management game. The most valuable resource, of course, is that red HP bar that needs to be spent wisely in boss fights. What other resources need careful consideration before splurging? Keys. Stonesword Keys, in particular. Opening locked passages that require Stonesword Keys is like a box of chocolates, players never know what they're getting.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:15:13 GMT
Elden Ring: Fringefolk Hero's Grave Walkthrough
Fringefolk Hero's Grave is one of the first dungeons players can get into in Elden Ring. For starting players, the Grave has a brutal difficulty they don't want to taste, although greatly rewarding. However, while brutality is known in Elden Ring, it's still better to level up first and explore the surrounding area.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:10:52 GMT
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Brr-Zerker Class Guide
In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, players have six fantastical classes to choose from when building their character. Of these classes, the Brr-Zerker is the master of melding melee combat and ice elemental damage to become an incredible dealer of death at close range.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:05:43 GMT
Overcooked! 2: How To Get 4 Stars
When it comes to the fun and frantic multiplayer action of Overcooked 2 — speed, organization, teamwork, and communication are all key ingredients to earning a great score. While the game can seem like a whimsical, laid-back social game on the surface, Team17's multiplayer romp can truly be a pressure cooker for those that aren't prepared. In order to succeed, players must work together to dish out a slew of unique meals, which usually vary during the course of each run.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:00:14 GMT
Every Actor Who's Been In Both The Marvel And DC Universes
Both the Marvel and DC movie universes have featured some of the most high-profile actors in Hollywood. However, only a select few actors can claim to have appeared in both universes.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 15:00:13 GMT
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Complete Little Boy Blues Quest Guide (Smurfs Easter Egg)
The Borderlands universe has always been filled with wacky characters like Shooty McShootface. And Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is no exception since players will not only encounter over-the-top characters, but they can even customize their own character to look like Shrek.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 14:58:22 GMT
Leaked Images Show How Large Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Is Likely to Be
The ongoing rivalry between Nvidia and AMD is still quite strong, and with Intel about to enter the arena, the GPU market is about to get even more competitive. With team red rumored to be unleashing three more high-end RDNA 2 RX graphics cards, and team blue said to be finally releasing its up-and-coming range this summer, team green may have to pull out the stops to make sure it stays ahead of the game. Luckily, the RTX 3090 Ti is on the way, and with it due to launch very soon, it looks as though it's going to take up a lot of space inside PC towers.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 14:54:04 GMT
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All 20 Lucky Dice Locations in Weepwild Dankness Even though a player's starting class in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has a significant impact on the early stages of the game, there's a point where players must find the best equipment for their character. And that's because this Borderlands spin-off features new types of equipment (necklaces, rings, and spells) that give a player massive skill and stat boosts, which are needed to fight end-game Badass Bosses.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 14:49:47 GMT
Hogwarts Legacy: Who is Professor Eleazar Fig?
Ever since gameplay from Hogwarts Legacy was first leaked back in 2018, fans of the Harry Potter franchise were dying to hear more about the action RPG set in the Wizarding World. Details were sparse up until Sony's recent State of Play, which gave players an extended look at the world of Hogwarts Legacy. In an almost fifteen-minute long presentation, Hogwarts Legacy's combat, level system, setting, plot, and much more were discussed. Players were shown how magic looks and which fantastical creatures would be featured, giving the most extensive peek into the game so far.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 14:46:47 GMT
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Where to Find Tentacool
Tentacool is a Water/Poison-type Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, and many players will undoubtedly be interested in encountering it. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to find a Tentacool in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, though fans will need to fulfill some prerequisites before they are able to do so. Fans can find details on those prerequisites, and how they are connected to locating a Tentacool, in this guide.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 14:30:14 GMT
Super Mario 64 Speedrunner Beats the Game in Under 25 Minutes With 31 Stars To become a world record speedrunner, it takes a lot of dedication, time, and repetitious movements and strategies that shave off milliseconds of gameplay. With players already smashing speedrun records in Elden Ring, despite it only being out for a few weeks, those in the community seem to waste no time getting to grips with trying to get to the end credits as quickly as possible. However, when it comes to the likes of Super Mario 64, literal decades have passed, and as such, many have spent years perfecting the art of defeating the final Bowser in this N64 classic.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 14:22:16 GMT