After a prolonged spell of scarcely any information, Hogwarts Legacy has now unveiled a lot about its content. PlayStation's most recent State of Play on March 17 finally revealed many of the myriad activities players will have to occupy their school year in Hogwarts Legacy and cheekily teased a number of other features that may be available as well.

This State of Play presentation was the first official gameplay shared for Hogwarts Legacy and showcased its open-world castle traversal, broomstick flight, Herbology mixtures, and diverse classes. The gameplay itself was received well by fans who had been eagerly anticipating it; for example, Hogwarts Legacy's intricate spells used in combat represented colorful special effects and combinations to best any enemy. However, there is an insider sneak peek that has been shared from the developer that did not make it into the State of Play presentation.

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WB Games' Avalanche has shared a clip from the gameplay footage that was captured for the purposes of the State of Play. Avalanche's clip represents a battle between Hogwarts Legacy's fifth-year student character, centaurs, and multiple other opponents. While the player and an opponent duel back and forth, a centaur enters into the frame between the two. But instead of entering in gracefully or even properly, the centaur's character model hilariously floats in with rubber arms and legs flailing about.

Once it reaches the floor, the centaur readies a bow before another opponent casts Hogwarts Legacy's explosive blasting curse Confringo at it, which seems to send it into another frenzied animation state as it stands up and starts to shake wildly. These animations are obviously not intended for the centaur NPC, and it makes sense why this clip in particular would have been omitted from the State of Play. Instead, this demonstrates that Avalanche felt comfortable enough to share it after all.

Bugs such as these will likely be ironed out well into the year and up to its release this holiday season, but the transparency the developer has shown by sharing this at all will be appreciated by fans who simply can not wait to see more of Hogwarts Legacy. Some of Hogwarts Legacy's animations look stiff and clunky, but Avalanche thankfully still has a while until the game is expected to hit its gold status. In the meantime, fans can re-watch the State of Play to dive into all the brief yet ambitious overview information that was shared about Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently scheduled to release Holiday 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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