Still showing incredible player numbers over a decade after release, Minecraft remains one of the most popular games on the market. Minecraft's popularity is due to its accessibility as well as its incredibly deep crafting system, which allows players to create art, structures, and Redstone machines of varying complexity.

While it is certainly true that the creations inside the game are incredibly impressive, players have also begun to create objects based on the game in reality. One of the most recent real-life creations was a custom PC based on Minecraft bees that included a honeycomb interior and water cooling systems that looked like tubes full of honey, and now, another cool creation has been showcased.

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Whereas one player decided to create a realistic fanart of Minecraft's Steve, a Reddit post captured another creation, this time based on a Minecraft item. The item in question was a clock, but there were no numbers or hands on it; instead, the clock was a perfect replica of Minecraft's handheld clock that displayed a day and night cycle rather than the traditional numbers and hands.

The creator of the clock was Reddit user Doctorbread21, who captured the clock as it was slowly moving from night to day. Reddit users were quick to notice that the clock was turning counterclockwise, to which Doctorbread21 assured them they had fixed it so that it moved clockwise instead. Another user noted that the clock was moving way too fast to be real time; Doctorbread21 responded that the clock was sped up so that it was more interesting in the video. One user joked about the post being tagged as a Redstone post; while the clock certainly doesn't run on Redstone, it is an impressive machine regardless.

Doctorbread21 shows an interesting combination between real-life machines and the in-game Redstone creations of Minecraft. While no Minecraft creation could be compared to the complexity of, say, a real-life jet plane or a complex computer program, creations like a functioning Minecraft graphing calculator are so impressive that they leave people questioning whether the creators of such machines are engineers themselves. Somewhere in the middle is Doctorbread21 and their Minecraft clock, creating a crossover between the machines of reality and the creations in the game.

As Minecraft continues to release updates, player creations continue to become more complex and more stunning. With a university holding its entrance ceremony in Minecraft, the functions of the game continue to expand just as its influence continues to inspire creators like Doctorbread21.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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