Ever since gameplay from Hogwarts Legacy was first leaked back in 2018, fans of the Harry Potter franchise were dying to hear more about the action RPG set in the Wizarding World. Details were sparse up until Sony's recent State of Play, which gave players an extended look at the world of Hogwarts Legacy. In an almost fifteen-minute long presentation, Hogwarts Legacy's combat, level system, setting, plot, and much more were discussed. Players were shown how magic looks and which fantastical creatures would be featured, giving the most extensive peek into the game so far.

Another aspect that featured was the addition of companion characters, who could be befriended within the halls of Hogwarts, and even taken along on quests outside the castle walls to lend players a hand. In addition to the three student characters that were introduced, the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play presentation also focused briefly on another brand-new character — Professor Eleazar Fig. While not much is currently known about the professor, it is clear he will play an important part in Hogwarts Legacy's story.

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Introducing Hogwarts' Mysterious Professor


Although many aspects of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game were revealed and expanded on during the recent State of Play, Professor Fig was one of the only characters to feature fairly prominently. This hints that he may have a more significant role in the game's narrative. The professor may mostly be a mystery at this point, with players unsure how long he's been a teacher at Hogwarts or even what subject he teaches, but the glimpses given of Professor Fig so far do point to a few facts.

He's undoubtedly a powerful wizard, as players can see him going toe to toe with the game's main goblin villain Ranrock, and the aging professor is clearly holding his own. Professor Fig is also shown aiding the protagonist in their quest to discover the truth behind the ancient magic that only they seem to have access to. In the role of quest companion and mentor, Professor Fig may be the key to unraveling this mystery. He's also determined to hunt out the truth of a rising goblin rebellion, which is something that seems to put the Hogwarts teacher at odds with the Ministry of Magic.

Professor Fig's subject may help to shed further light on his role within the narrative and his importance to the quest. While the extended look at gameplay showed off various teachers of well-known wizarding subjects like Potions, Herbology, and Defense against the Dark Arts, there are a few classes that Porfessor Fig could teach. As the player will be joining Hogwarts late as a fifth year, the classes that they could potentially attend include Transfiguration, Divination, and the Study of Ancient Runes. The last one seems the most promising and would explain why Professor Fig is helping plays determine their connection to this unknown ancient magic.

Possible Harry Potter Connections

Newspaper with Goblin Rebellion headline.

The role of a powerful wizard helping a student on vital missions outside of Hogwarts is reminiscent of Harry and Dumbledore's search for Horcruxes in Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince, but that's not the only potential Potter connection. There is actually a character with a similar name already established within the Wizarding World. Mrs Arabella Doreen Figg is a Squib (non-magical person who has at least one magical parent) and a member of the Order of the Phoenix who is tasked with watching over Harry during his youth. The different spellings of the surname could be just a wink to fans rather than a solid connection, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Another link between Professor Fig and the world of the Harry Potter books is his role in uncovering the truth behind the goblin rebellions. These historically significant uprisings are frequently mentioned within the books, referenced in four of the seven titles, and even in the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game. While the goblin rebellions predominantly take place in the 17th and 18th centuries, there are more modern resurgences of the tensions, which corresponds with Hogwarts Legacy's late 1800s setting.

More details about Professor Fig and the rest of Hogwarts Legacy's cast of characters will no doubt be revealed as the game's launch date creeps ever closer.

Hogwarts Legacy is coming Holiday 2022 to PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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