Hawkeye is a Disney Plus episodic series that follows the titular archer during events that take place following the story of Avengers: Endgame. The show has a good amount of nice cameos and fans with a keen eye may have noticed one in the first episode.

Hawkeye VFX Supervisor Vincent Papaix has confirmed that the series' premiere has a cameo featuring everyone's favorite green giant. The Incredible Hulk appears in the background jumping from the rooftops during the scene where a young Kate Bishop is watching as New York City is getting destroyed.

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Though Clint Barton was introduced in the first Thor film with a quick cameo, this Hawkeye scene was a callback to his big official reveal. Hawkeye shined in the first Avengers film and also had a much bigger role than in the Thor movie. Even in this flashback scene, Hawkeye can be seen from a new angle during his famous rooftop fight scene where he's engaging multiple enemies at one time.

The New York fight scene was very impactful for comic book films because it showed all the heroes side by side fighting together for the first time in cinema history. The camera rotation scene was iconic, as fans saw them all prepare for battle in their own way. Avengers introduced many heroes to a wide audience, which made heroes such as Hawkeye, Black Widow and even Nick Fury receive much more attention than before.

Hawkeye introduces a new hero in Hailee Steinfield's Kate Bishop, who has quickly become a fan favorite. Kate Bishop is typically known in the comic books as a member of the Young Avengers. The Young Avengers is being set up right now with the Disney Plus series that are on the streaming platform, along with a few films. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Wandavision, Loki and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are a few of the projects to do so.

Hawkeye managed to do the hero justice. It gave him the lead role that many die hard fans were waiting for. It didn't rely on the Avengers, and it made the hero appear more complex as well as conflicted than in previous projects. Seeing him in this series really makes him look like a tortured veteran who's seen a lot rather than a glorified superhero. It humanized the hero who many in the Marvel world looked up to.

Hawkeye is currently on Disney Plus.

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