Titanfall 2 has now been available for around five and a half years. While it's no longer supported by Respawn Entertainment, it has an incredibly dedicated fanbase that still plays daily via custom servers. This fanbase has explored Titanfall 2's every inch and unraveled its many secrets. However, it seems that Titanfall 2's biggest fans may have missed one Easter egg. With the help of a pair of developers, one current Respawn dev and one former, one last Easter egg has been discovered in Titanfall 2.

David Bartle, the narrative historian at Respawn Entertainment, posted on Twitter this past week that there was still an Easter egg in Titanfall 2's single-player campaign that had yet to be discovered. He said that he's spent the last three months wondering whether to share it, but received permission from the original Titanfall 2 developer who added it to the game. That developer is Jake Keating, a now-retired lead designer for both Titanfall projects and Apex Legends.

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Bartle's original hope was that his tweet would lead Titanfall 2 fans to dive back into the game and discover the Easter egg for themselves. Odds are that if they hadn't found the Easter egg by now, they'd probably still struggle to find it, though. With that in mind, Bartle decided to share a hint. The hint reads, "I booted the game, loaded the closest checkpoint, got to the place... repeated certain action a LOT... and BAM, open sesame!" It seems that was all that fans needed to finally uncover the secret.

In a message posted Saturday, Bartle retweeted a message from Titanfall 2 speedrunner Nextracer1 that said, "yo????? we timeswapped 88 times outside this door." The location is in front of a doorway in Mission 5: Effect and Cause when players are asked to explore the complex. Doing this will apparently lead to a secret Easter egg room that players can enter that's interesting, to say the least.

The room itself is rather nondescript. What's in the room is rather odd and somewhat unsettling. To start, there's a soldier's corpse on the ground crackling with electricity. Then there's a second corpse, this one burnt to a crisp, doing the splits between two wall cabinets. Its head is turned toward the doorway with a surprised look on its face. As far as video game Easter eggs go, it's unique.

Needless to say, this Easter egg may not go as viral as Respawn's iconic Loch Ness monster plushy. But as dedicated as the Titanfall 2 community is, this might find its niche as a meme. At the very least, it'll be remembered as one of the most difficult-to-find Easter Eggs out there.

Titanfall 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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