Between its massive open world that rewards exploration, the option to play alone or with friends/enemies, and some of the most challenging fights in gaming, Elden Ring has a lot to offer in terms of variety and replayability. Pre-launch, Elden Ring had a lot of hype behind it, and many players agree that it has lived up to it.

Because of its success, the game has amassed quite the following; between veterans of FromSoftware titles as well as newcomers enticed by the open-world aspect, millions of players log in daily to make progress. Also, the popularity has led to another following for the game: a community of artists such as one who created Elden Ring's Caelid in Doom key art.

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Along with artists creating pieces like a pixel version of Elden Ring's box art, sculptors have taken notice of the game as well. Recently, one of these sculptors decided to create some of the living pot NPCs from the game. Not only that, but the creator also made them hollow so that they could be used as pots for plants.

elden ring pot scultpure plant

The results of Reddit user finch_worm19's work are some magnificent living pots that look poised to fight off any who would dare approach them or their potted plant hairstyles. In truth, the pots look like some tropical variant of the Elden Ring enemies. Much like regional variants of Pokemon, one could imagine these plant pots being enemies in a warmer or more tropical area of the game; perhaps they would only be encountered close to the beach areas of the open world. With an artist combining Polteageist with Elden Ring's pots, perhaps new living pot enemies are closer to reality than originally thought.

Other Reddit users were blown away by the sculptures. One user joked that finch_worm19 had just designed the enemies for any jungle DLC that could be released in the game's future. Another user congratulated the post, writing "ah, going viral ahead" to reference players writing Elden Ring messages. Many other users let finch_worm19 know that they would be quick to purchase some of the sculptures if they were to be put up for sale.

With users clamoring to purchase some of the pots as well as the post receiving thousands of upvotes, it looks like finch_worm19's living plant pots are a huge hit. Now, the hope is that they will become future enemies in the game or that Alexander will receive a new hairstyle in the form of a plant.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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